Exploring Exciting Opportunities: New Teagasc Apprenticeship Programmes in 2024

Teagasc has recently introduced four innovative apprenticeship programmes. These programmes offer aspiring individuals a unique chance to combine hands-on experience with valuable qualifications and the potential to earn €20K per year.

  1. Farm Technician Apprenticeship (Level 6): For those passionate about farming, the Farm Technician Apprenticeship is an excellent start. This programme provides hands-on learning experience in animal husbandry, crop production, and agricultural mechanisation. This is the first step on the journey to becoming a skilled and knowledgeable farmer. https://apprenticeship.ie/career-seekers/get-started/learn-more/Agriculture-and-Horticulture/farm-technician-l6
  2. Farm Management Apprentice (Level 7): For those keen to take the next step into the business side of agriculture, the Farm Management Apprenticeship offers a comprehensive curriculum covering farm management, financial planning, and agri-entrepreneurship. This programme provides students with the latest research and best practice management knowledge to successfully run a commercial farm business. https://apprenticeship.ie/career-seekers/get-started/learn-more/Agriculture-and-Horticulture/farm-manager-l7
  3. Horticulturist Apprentice (Level 6): Dive into the art and science of cultivating plants, designing landscapes, and managing nurseries with the Horticulturist Apprentice programme. This apprenticeship could be a gateway to a vibrant career in horticulture. Ireland imports €850m worth of fruit and veg. Heading into the future we will need horticultural expertise at home. https://apprenticeship.ie/career-seekers/get-started/learn-more/Agriculture-and-Horticulture/horticulture-l6
  4. Sportsturf Management: Sports enthusiasts with a love for turf management can now turn their passion into a career with the Sportsturf Management programme. From golf courses to football and hurling pitches, racecourses to soccer clubs and bowling greens, this apprenticeship opens doors to a variety of sports turf facilities. If you are interested in this apprenticeship as a career get more information on this apprenticeship on the SOLAS Apprenticeships website
    Why Teagasc Apprenticeships?
    • Earn and Learn: Earn a qualification and a wage.
    • Hands-on Training: Learn by doing with hands-on, real-world experience.
    • Expert Guidance: Benefit from guidance by industry experts.
    • Diverse Specialisations: Choose from a range of specialised programmes.
    Contact Information: Marcella Phelan
    National Apprenticeship Programme Coordinator
    Teagasc – Curriculum & Development Standards Unit
    Telephone: +3535164408
    Email: marcella.phelan@teagasc.ie
    Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the future of Irish agriculture. Apply now and sow the seeds of your successful career!

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