Subject Choice for Leaving Cert

Are you struggling to make up your mind?

Some advice for TY students and 3rd Years making Subject Choices from Lighthouse Career Guidance.

Choosing subjects for the Leaving Cert is a significant decision. Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the process:

  1. Identify Your Interests: Consider subjects you genuinely enjoy. Think about what topics excite you and make you eager to learn more. Remember you will have classes in this subject for 3-4 hours a week for two years.

2. Play to Your Strengths: Ask yourself what are you good at? Choose subjects that align with your skills and strengths, as this can contribute to better academic performance and a more enjoyable learning experience.

3. Seek Advice: Find out what subjects you’ll need for your chosen course in college. This is very important! Points are only half the story. Different colleges have different entry requirements and certain courses require specific subjects. If you don’t have the required subjects, you will not be offered a college place – even if you score 625 points.  

4. Balance is Key: Aim for a balanced combination of subjects. Try not to overload yourself with too many challenging subjects. Striking a balance will help maintain a manageable workload. For example, are you in danger of choosing subjects that will require weekends of essay writing? Or are you taking on too much project work? Aim to mix it up a bit.

5. Keep your Options Open: If you’ve no idea what you’d like to do after school, then it’s wise to keep all options open: You can do this by choosing a language and at least one science. However, there are many courses that do not require a language or a science, so do your research online at Careers Portal or Qualifax.

6. Research: Examine the syllabus and course content for each subject. Also check out how the subject is assessed. Are you someone who thrives on exams or do you prefer project work? Researching each subject will give you a better understanding of what to expect and help you make informed decisions based on your interests and strengths. You can do this on

Remember it’s ok to make mistakes

If you end up studying a subject that you just can’t stand, make sure to tell your teacher as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until Christmas, when it’s too late and valuable term time has been lost.

By considering your interests, goals, and seeking guidance, you can make well-informed decisions when choosing Leaving Cert subjects. 

For further information or if you’d like to book a one-to-one guidance session contact Lighthouse Career Guidance