Pathways into PE Teaching

The Traditional Route to PE Teaching

The traditional route into PE Teaching is a BSc Physical Education with one other teaching subject in DCU, UL or UCC. Points are usually well over the 510+ mark.

At the moment, these are the only two courses on the CAO that satisfy Teaching Council requirements for the conversion masters: PME in PE teaching in UL.

MTU Tralee MT906:  Physical Education Studies with Business  451 points

ATU Letterkenny AU320:  Sport & Exercise Science with PE  300 points

After graduation, you need to do a two year Postgraduate Masters in Education (PME in Physical Education) in order to be qualified to teach PE at secondary school. Offered in University of Limerick, the cost is PME €6,400 per year.

Any other options?

  1. Do a level 8 in Sports Science or Outdoor Education. When you are qualified you can apply to do Higher Diploma in PE Studies in MTU (€2,250 per year) blended over one or two years depending on your degree, or the Graduate Diploma in Portobello (8 months + €5,400 approx) and then top if off with 2 years PME in PE UL .
  • Do a teaching degree in a subject you enjoy (concurrent education takes four years) then do the graduate diploma (MTU or Portobello) and add PE to your teaching subjects. This can be done at any stage in your teaching career. There is no need to do PME with this option as you would be a qualified teacher already.
  • B.A. Physical Education in Portobello Institute (3 years €5,400 per year) followed by PME in PE. Recognised by the teaching council, Portobello also offers 2 year MSc in PE Education (€8,000 approx per year)
    Note: Portobello is a private college and as such the SUSI grant is not applicable and fees apply.

Remember there is always a way if you want it badly enough!

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